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Idea and Motivation
A Live Broadcast
(Streaming) At:
Theoretical_Geography_vvoip_Debates is a non-profit, non-governmental organization formed to organize VVoIP (Voice and Video over IP) video-panel debates (seminars, colloquiums, workshops, and schools) supported by free of charge internet and paper publications of proceedings to facilitate progress in Theoretical Geography and related subjects.

The panel debates at Theoretical_Geography_vvoip_Debates provide critical reviews of the current state of Theoretical Geography. They evaluate existing work, place it in a meaningful context, areas where more work and new results are needed. The panel debates also offer annotated insights into the key literature, describe other available resources and new unpublished results.

The Theoretical_Geography_vvoip_Debates is unique in maintaining a suite of high-quality panel debates, which are kept up-to-date by the panelists.

International Scientific Committee

The International Scientific Committee is formed by international experts in the field of Theoretical Geography. The Committee discusses guidelines, general rules, and topics of the debates. Taking part in the review process, they also serve as exponents in the recruitment process of prospective contributors/participants. Moreover, they are capable of assuming responsibility for encouraging and motivating the potential researches to participate in the forthcoming debates.

÷International Scientific Committee÷

International Scientific Committee

Managing Editors

The Managing Editors are responsible for managing all non-scientific issues related to the Theoretical_Geography_Debates:

  • Plan and manage all daily operations,
  • Coordinate editorial publications and debates,
  • Coordinate liaisons between debate participants and organizers,
  • Create and manage detailed content schedules,
  • Implement best practices, workflows, tools, and templates to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the debates and publishing process,
  • Resolve issues as they arise.

Managing Editors:

  • Dr. Matteo (Matt) Ferensby - Organizer and moderator,
  • Anna Adamchewsky - secretary, bookkeeping, © managing, and General Data Protection Regulation privacy:Eu.png Regulation (EU) 2016/679,
  • Mikołaj Sienicki - computer administrator, webmaster, and technical editor,
  • Anja Förster - graphics, design, and general tasks of data managing.

Forthcoming Debates Schedule

The Table below gives the list of past and forthcoming Theoretical_Geography_Debates.
In order to visit the web-site of a given debate please follow the provided link at right-hand side column.
Date Theoretical_Geography_VVoIP_Debates WebSite
2019 Debates
1 August 23rd - 24th Theoretical Geography - Overview Debate Link[16]
2 November 8th-9th Is Theoretical Geography Discovered or Invented? Debate Link[17]
3.1 December 13th-14th Quantification Methods of Theoretical Geography:

3.1. Cellular Automata (CA)

Debate Link
2020 Debates
3.2 January 10th-11th Quantification Methods of Theoretical Geography:

3.2. Spatial Networks and Space Syntax

Debate Link
3.3 January 24th-25th Quantification Methods of Theoretical Geography:

3.3. Fractals and Multifractals

Debate Link
3.4 February 7th-8th Quantification Methods of Theoretical Geography:

3.4. Self-organization

Debate Link
3.5 February 21st-22nd Quantification Methods of Theoretical Geography:

3.5. Complexity

Debate Link
3.6 March 6th-7th Quantification Methods of Theoretical Geography:

3.6. Agent-based Methods

Debate Link
3.7 March 20th-21st Quantification Methods of Theoretical Geography:

3.7. Miscellaneous Forms of Quantification

Debate Link