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Idea and Motivation
A Live Broadcast
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The panel debates at VVoIP_Physics_Debates provide critical reviews of the current state of physics. They evaluate existing work, place it in a meaningful context, and suggest areas where more work and new results are needed. The panel debates also offer annotated insights into the key literature, describe other available resources and new unpublished results. The VVoIP_Physics_Debates is unique in maintaining a suite of high-quality panel debates, which are kept up-to-date by the panelists.

The VVoIP_Physics_Debates is a forum for the debate of leading scientists about what they believe but not necessarily can prove it (not yet). The basic modus operandi behind the VVoIP_Physics_Debates is to gather a hundred (or so) of the most brilliant minds in the world in "internet room", "lock them in", and have them ask each other the questions they were asking themselves.

Modus Operandi of VVoIP_Physics_Debates

  • Attending scientific conferences is obviously useful and awarding. However, the modern global world presents new challenges. In particular, an ever-increasing number of research papers and an increasing rate of progress in science.
  • While traveling to the locations of the conference is awarding, it is also time-consuming and financially demanding.
  • We propose a new approach of VVoIP (voice and video over IP) video-conferencing. It has only advantages including:
→ Live video-conferencing directly from your office Skype1.png
→ Live quality PowerPoint lecturing allowed PowerPoint.png
→ Live questions and comments of your lecture allowed
→ Conference proceedings = video recorded lectures published at the conference website
→ Conference proceedings (PDF, PPT, …) published on the conference website PDF.png
→ Low-budget scientific exchange
→ Easy Access (Accessibility) via Skype Skype.png
→ Easy to Use
→ Reliable
Please consult the below table to navigate this website via provided WebSite Link to the spectific conference.
Date VVoIP_Physics_Debates WebSite
2018 Debates
1 May 2nd - 5th 1st Debate on Förster Resonance Energy Transfer and Beyond Debate Link[1]
2 Dec. 6th -8th Interpretations of Quantum Theory Debate Link[2]
2019 Debates
1 Feb. 22nd - 23rd Free Will Debate Link[3]
2 Apr. 4th - 7th 2nd Debate on Förster Resonance Energy Transfer and Beyond Debate Link[4]
3 May 17th - 18th 1st Time and Time Flow Debate Link[5]
4 May 24th - 25th Analog Computing Returns Debate Link[6]
5 Sep. 6th - 7th, Nov. 6th - Nov. 7th 2nd Quantum Theory Interpretations Debate Debate Link[7]
6 Dec. 6th - Dec. 7th 2nd Time and Time Flow Debate Link[8]