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Debate Proceedings

The panel debates at VVoIP_Physics_Debates [1] provide critical reviews of the current state of physics. They evaluate existing work, place it in a meaningful context, and suggest areas where more work and new results are needed. The panel debates also offer annotated insights into the key literature, describe other available resources and new unpublished results. The VVoIP_Physics_Debates is unique in maintaining a suite of high-quality panel debates, which are kept up-to-date by the panelists.

The VVoIP_Physics_Debates [2] is a forum for the debate of leading scientists about what they believe but not necessarily can prove it (not yet). The basic modus operandi behind the VVoIP_Physics_Debates is to gather a hundred (or so) of the most brilliant minds in the world in "internet room", "lock them in", and have them ask each other the questions they were asking themselves.

VVoIP_Physics_Debate on Free Will - Speakers

Chairperson - Dr. Matteo Ferensby

  • Nicolas Gisin - Homepage [3]
Free-Will and Physics: Free-Will Comes First[4]
PowerPoint Presentation
  • Franz Jansen
Free Will Incompatible with Retrospective but not Prospective Definition of[5]
PowerPoint Presentation
  • Iegor Reznikoff
1) A Logical Proof of the Free-Will Theorem; 2) A Hidden Unknowable Determinism is Possible, while a Knowable Global is Not[6]
PowerPoint Presentation
  • Nicolas Lori - Homepage [7]
Free-Will and Mental Health[8]
PowerPoint Presentation
  • Antonio Di Lorenzo
Free Will: Physical and Philosophical Considerations[9]
PowerPoint Presentation
  • Jiri Soucek
The Free Will: The Role of Observers, Their Contexts and The Quadratic Model of Events in Human Thinking[10]
PowerPoint Presentation Media:Dr. Soucek_Free_Will.pptx
  • Mark Hadley - Homepage [11]
The False Presupposition and a Testable Model of the Free Will Phenomenon[12]
PowerPolint Presentation Media:Hadley.pptx