2nd Quantum Theory Interpretations

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Dear Colleagues welcome to VVoIP_Physics_Debates website and the upcoming online colloquium titled:

2nd Quantum Theory Interpretations Debate
October 4th - 5th, 2019

The VVoIP stands for Voice and Video over Internet Protocol and allows everyone to participate at low-budget directly from your office in a scientific panel discussion on the subjects related to your interests and research.

The VVoIP_Physics_Debates are effective, convenient, and inexpensive video-conferencing encouraging the free and effective exchange of ideas, concepts and research results. 

Indeed we offer you "science in sleepers" by promoting world-class research exchange in a modern way and easy to use/reliable modern communication. We ask you to join us and actively participate. Meet experts & influencers face to face.

We describe below all pertinent information. However, do not hesitate to ask our supporting organizational staff.

Kind regards, Organizational Committees.

First (1st) Debate Selected Lecturies

  • Gerard 't Hooft - The Celluar Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics [1]
  • Hervé Zwirn - The Measurement Problem: Decoherence and Convivial Solipsism [2]
  • William Sulis - A Process Algebra Model of QED [3]
  • Bob Street - Proposed Physical Mechanism for Quantum Mechanical Properties [4]
  • Jiří Souček - A Hybrid-epistemic Model for Quantum Mechanics 8
  • Claudio Garola - Throwing bridges: where and how can classical and quantum views be connected?[Throwing bridges Final Version.pdf]
  • Kazufumi Sakai - Experimental Verification on the Foundation of Quantum Mechanics- Uncover the photon path and non-collapsing wave packet IQT Sakai.pdf


The 2nd Quantum Theory Interpretations is a forum for the Debate of leading scientists about what they believe but not necessarily can prove it (not yet). The basic modus operandi behind the Debate is to gather the most brilliant minds in the world in a virtual room, "lock" them in and have them ask each other the questions they were asking themselves. The meeting will be focused on being an international panel discussion form for the presentation and discussion of frontier research in Interpretations of Quantum Theory. We are looking for excellence and scientific leadership. The leadership starts in the mind, where ideas precede actions. We aspire to formulate leap forward questions, a big questions program, rather than communicating transient findings.

Scientific Committee

Dr. Matteo (Matt) Ferensby - Coordinator and Moderator.

Look for updates.


The entire meeting will take a form of the PANEL DISCUSSION and will concern interpretations of quantum theory.

An interpretation of quantum mechanics is an attempt to explain how concepts in quantum mechanics correspond to reality. Although quantum mechanics has held up to rigorous and thorough experimental testing, many of these experiments are open to different interpretations. There exist a number of contending schools of thought, different over whether quantum mechanics can be understood to be deterministic, which elements of quantum mechanics can be considered "real", and other matters.

Dates to Observe

The colloquium will take place on October 4th through 5th 2019.

In order to accommodate fellow researchers from different time-zones, the colloquium will start at 5 pm of European Time (GMT+1).

The live broadcasting of colloquium for the public will start at 5 pm.

Action Deadline
1 Conference announcement Conference date minus 2 months
2 Registration Conference date minus 2 weeks
3 Abstract, PowerPoint, Recent Papers Submission Conference date minus 1 week
4 Distribution of the above materials between participants Ongoing Process
5 Equipment quality and Skype related skills testing Conference date minus 1 week
6 Login to conference site and testing Conference date/hour minus 1h
7 Conference First Day Conference date/hour
8 Conference Second Day Conference date/hour
9 Chairperson Summary of Conference Conference date plus 1 day
10 Conference Voice and Video Proceedings Publication Conference date plus 1 week


Registration is required for all conference participants preferably until September 15th, 2019

It is recommended to make the registration online by forwarding to e-mail address physics-debates@vvoip-physics-debates.org the following customary information:

  • Your full name,
  • Institution address,
  • Phone number, Skype name,
  • Tentative title of your PowerPoint presentation,
  • Abstract.

We comply with the Europen Union law GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation - 25 May 2018).[5]

Confirmation will be sent to all participants by the organizers upon receipt of registration and payment.

Your lecture

Your lecture will be presented in an ordinary (usual) way using MS PowerPoint presentation. In order to allow the participants and the public to view your PowerPoint presentation please use the Skype feature titled Screen Sharing (just click on Skype icon


We advise having plenty of light in your room. Make sure that your microphone is all the time off, except the time when you're delivering a lecture and ask a question. Otherwise, all background noises will be recorded.

Debate Proceedings

Published At:

All debate proceedings will be video-voice recorded and after required editing will be published on the internet at the debate website and various repositories.